How Webinars Work

It's easy ... and it doesn't take a computer guru to figure it out. At the time of the webinar, you connect to the internet and call in to a toll-free number. You see the presentation on your computer screen. You hear and talk through the telephone. It's just like being there without all the hassle. There's no travel expense and no wasted time in the car.

To attend this webinar, you'll need a computer with a high-speed internet connection (DSL or cable) and a phone line. For your comfort, it is recommended that you use a speakerphone or headset to connect to the webinar. Our system will support both PC's and Apple computers.

After purchasing the webinar, you'll have the option to print a receipt that includes webinar access information. You can view and print this information at any time by logging in to your account and selecting My Courses.

About 10 minutes before the scheduled starting time, call the toll-free phone number listed in the instructions and enter the access code. Next, go to the website shown in the instructions and enter your name, email and access code.

If you need any help accessing the webinar, call our Customer Service Team.