Steel Design Introduction (WEBINAR)

Course Number: C-7008WN
Credit: 7 PDH
Subject Matter Expert: M. Al Nasra, P.E., C.P.S.E., Ph.D.
Scheduled: Thursday, December 12, 2019, 9:00am - 4:50pm ET (8am CT, 7am MT, 6am PT)
Type: Live Interactive Webinar
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In Steel Design Introduction, you'll learn ...

  • Basic steel design procedures
  • How steel behaves under different types of loading
  • A simplified approach to the design of tension members, compression members, and beams
  • Steel design codes and important updates


A PDHengineer webinar is just like being there.

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This webinar introduces and explains both fundamental and intermediate concepts of steel design for engineers, technicians, and other professionals who have little or no background in steel design. It also offers non-structural engineers an opportunity to become familiar with general concepts of design and design criteria, while learning basic use of the most recent steel design codes and specifications from the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC).

Among the topics we will discuss are the load and resistance factor design method (LRFD), as well as the allowable strength design method (ASD); various load types and loading systems; steel engineering properties; tension members, compression members, and members in bending. And much more.

This 8-hour webinar is packed with information. The schedule will include two 10-minute breaks (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) and a 45-minute lunch break. Please be prepared to accommodate the schedule. It is highly recommended that participants use either a speakerphone or telephone headset for comfort during the webinar.


Specific Knowledge or Skill Obtained

This course teaches the following specific knowledge and skills:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of steel as a structural material
  • Properties of steel
  • Steel section identification
  • Load and resistance factor design (LRFD) and allowable strength design (ASD) methods
  • Loads
  • Analysis of tension members
  • Design of tension members
  • Design of rods and bars
  • Steel construction
  • Compression members
  • Design of columns axially loaded (LRFD)
  • Design of beams for the moment
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Alabama (P.E.) Alaska (P.E.) Arkansas (P.E.)
Delaware (P.E.) Florida (P.E. Area of Practice) Georgia (P.E.)
Idaho (P.E.) Illinois (P.E.) Illinois (S.E.)
Indiana (P.E.) Iowa (P.E. - Live Course) Kansas (P.E.)
Kentucky (P.E.) Louisiana (P.E.) Maine (P.E.)
Maryland (P.E.) Michigan (P.E.) Minnesota (P.E.)
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Nebraska (P.E.) Nevada (P.E.) New Hampshire (P.E.)
New Jersey (P.E.) New Mexico (P.E.) New York (P.E. Live Course)
North Carolina (P.E.) North Dakota (P.E.) Ohio (P.E. Timed & Monitored)
Oklahoma (P.E.) Oregon (P.E.) Pennsylvania (P.E.)
South Carolina (P.E.) South Dakota (P.E.) Tennessee (P.E.)
Texas (P.E.) Utah (P.E.) Vermont (P.E.)
Virginia (P.E.) West Virginia (P.E.) Wisconsin (P.E. Live Course)
Wyoming (P.E.)

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